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Help us reach goals together, one step at a time!

We provide a variety of programming that allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive within a family-like environment, at home and in their community.

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Here's why we believe #everyoneshouldbehere

The Story Behind the Hashtag
While it’s true that we whole-heartedly believe that everyone (core members, staff, volunteers, and supporters) should really be here (with us), the phrase originates with core member Craig. Craig has been with Friendship Ark since the beginning and was a resident at our very first home. At dinner time, Craig prays with his housemates and staff and always ends that prayer with “everyone should be here".

"After watching Courtney struggle through four unsuccessful placements, we had pretty much given up hope that our daughter would ever be happy. After becoming acquainted with Friendship Ark, we knew we did not want her any place else. For the first time in the13 years she has been in our family, we do not have to worry about her wellbeing or her happiness. To say this has been life-changing for all of us would be an understatement." Cindy C., Parent

"The services and housing our son receives from Friendship Ark have been such a blessing. He loves his housemates and staff very much and is comfortable and happy in the home (so much that he often tries to kick his parents out early when we come for a visit). It is very comforting to know that everyone at Friendship Ark cares for our son so deeply and gives us the peace of mind that he is in good hands." Paul S., Parent

"I believe so strongly in Friendship Ark’s mission. I love that we are focused on Gentle Teaching principles and use out of the box thinking to support our core members. While there are so many things that I love about Friendship Ark as an organization, I have to say our core members are what make each day special for me. There’s nothing like walking in the front door of one of our homes and being greeted with high fives, hugs, laughs, and at one home in particular, loud screeches of excitement! When I must leave the questions is always, When will you be coming back?” Anna L., Operations Manager

Friendship Ark Homes and Community Services celebrates the uniqueness of adults with intellectual disabilities by providing homes and community services. We help our core members reach their fullest potential through faith, family and friendship.

Friendship Ark will be the provider of choice for adults with intellectual disabilities seeking Community Services.